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PROBO Titans

For The Love of the Strange

Past Shows:

Seven That Spells, Alpha Male Tea Party, The Hysterical Injury, ANTA, Memory Of Elephants, Stranglewank, Warrior Pope, Mind Factory, Forgery Lit, Chiyoda Ku, Wicket, Skyhitch, MXLX, Iyabe, Justice For Dragons, Ogives, Heavy Heads Disco, Y Cvn, Aulos, Vena Cava, Fairhorns, InTechnicolour, The Brackish, VASA, Bodyhound, Iceman Furniss Quartet, Rumour Cubes, LEG., Oh, The Guilt, Cool knife, Amy Grindhouse, Fuck Knuckles, Quadrupede, Town Portal, Dialects, 100 Onces, Trojanhorse, Olanza, Mutiny on the Bounty, Ogives, Iran Iran, Porshyne, Waking Aida, Cousin

Bristol based promoters



[email protected]

**Demo submission please include as many as possible of the following: Good live video, facebook, bandcamp, short bio & info regarding fees, tech spec etc.